School Calendar with Cohorts and Bell Schedule

Students and parents - please see the bell schedule below which shows the start and end times of each period. Class times are the same if you are in person or remote.

You should match these periods and times with the courses shown on your schedule and please note that some classes are double periods. Schedules can be viewed in the document section at and also at

Also please note that you may have gaps in your schedule where you do not have a class but you must make sure to return to classes, on time, after the gap in your schedule. 

Bell Schedule

Also below is the schedule for each cohort.

For Semester 2 (February - June) if your cohort letter (A or B) is identified on a day, that is the day that you should attend school (unless the Department of Education has kept High Schools only operating remotely) and the other days you are to attend remote classes via Google Classroom and other programs your teacher is using (for example Google Meet and Edmentum). If you are a cohort D student then you will also remain on remote learning every day.


Semester 2 Calendar





April Cohorts


May Cohorts


June Cohorts