Parent Teacher Conferences - Sign Up Process

Sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conferences Preview
We'll be hosting Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday 12th November and Friday 13th November.
The times are:
Thursday 12th November at 4:30pm - 7:30pm and
Friday 13th November at 12:45pm - 2:45pm.


 Conferences this year will be by phone and parents/guardians are invited to sign up for a call at a scheduled time using each teacher's sign up link below. Please check your child's schedule (also available on to view their teachers and courses):

Teacher Name Sign Up Genius Link
Mr. Aracena
Ms. Balzano
Ms. Bonilla
Ms. Caliendo
Mr. Carvelas
Mr. Cereola
Ms. Civil
Mr. Costello
Ms. Cruz
Mr. Eller
Ms. Eterno
Ms. Fahrbach
Mr. Flanz
Mr. Gill
Ms. Goldman
Mr. Hallisey
Ms. Humphrey
Ms. Kurtzman
Mr. Lazarus
Ms. Leggio
Ms. Lugo
Ms. Marsaggi
Ms. Martin
Ms. Mccartney
Mr. Mcmahon
Ms. Mcnamara
Mr. Micheline
Ms. Morales
Ms. Nasso
Mr. Neadel
Mr. Ng
Ms. Nixon
Ms. Pacheco
Ms. Petrakos
Mr. Pichardo
Mr. Scandariato
Ms. Schinas
Ms. Semple
Ms. Sestak
Ms. Stenos
Mr. Sullivan
Mr. Thomatos
Ms. Venuti
Mr. Walter
Ms. White
Ms. Wyllins
Ms. Yip
Ms. Zheng


If you have any questions with signing up, please email Mr. Lazarus at

Conferences will be limited to 3 minutes to allow teachers to share information with all parents. If you need more time to discuss your child's progress you can also correspond via email with the teacher or request a follow up call.