Veritas Academy's New Website

New Veritas Academy Website
Illustration of a laptop with the word "accessibility" on the screen

Our school website recently received an update. In many ways it has become simplified but more importantly, it's now accessible.

The simplification can be seen with fewer sections and all news being streamlined through the "What's New" category.

News older than three months is archived and the top 5 news stories are always previewed on the homepage (the first page you land on when visiting

The school website being "accessible" means that we use a higher level of color contrast, descriptive text behind images and a formal hierarchy of page titles - all of these measures mean that visitors with screen reading devices and those with visual impairments will have a much more pleasant experience while visiting.

The navigation bar at the top of the website is a great place to start when looking for resources and you can always click "Contact" at the top if you cannot find a resource you're looking for.